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  • Communication and Information Studies

    Communication is at the centre of human social action. From everyday family life to communication in organizations, our lives are shaped and organized through communication.

    Communication plays a crucial role in society. How can people be persuaded to live a healthy life? How can teachers find out what students understand? How can doctors successfully communicate with low-literate patients? These are all questions about Communication design.

    In the bachelor programme Communication and Information Studies (CIS) you will learn:
    • to find where communication succeeds or fails
    • to design and implement interventions to improve communication
    • to measure the success of these interventions.

    CIS focuses on communication from a language perspective in the broadest sense: CIS is about text, talk, gestures, pictures and digital media.

    Communication is not only about products, but also about processes involving people, attitudes and opinions. Therefore, you will receive a multidisciplinary training with elements from linguistics, psychology, sociology and marketing.

    CIS is an international degree programme taught in English. You will be part of an international group of students. You will collaborate with students abroad. And you will have guest lecturers from universities outside the Netherlands. The programme also provides the possibility to follow a Dutch Track.
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    Inhoud van de opleiding:

    Antropologie, Cognitie, Communicatie, Cultuur, Media, Psychologie, Sociologie, Taalbeheersing, Taalkunde