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  • African Studies

    Africa is fascinating! In today’s globalised world, the continent plays an increasingly important role in international social and cultural developments. Would you like to explore the many sides of Africa and its impact on the rest of the world? And do you want to learn Swahili or Berber? If so, you are very welcome at Leiden University!

    Why African Studies?
    In African Studies, you will study Africa’s history, culture, literature and languages. The continent is a key player in issues such as climate change and global economy, while its art and literature increasingly gain international appreciation. In our African Studies bachelor’s programme the internal perspective is leading, while you will also look with a critical eye to the external, often euro-centric approaches of ‘Africa’.
    African Studies is a three-year English-taught bachelor’s programme, during which you will spend a semester in an African country. Apart from such disciplines as history, culture and anthropology, language is a key element in the curriculum. You will have the option to learn either Swahili or Berber. Swahili is one of the main languages of East Africa, spoken by millions of people. Berber, spoken in Northern Africa, is a minority language that is linked with many African diaspora-communities across the world.
    During this bachelor’s programme you will acquire not only in-depth knowledge of Africa, but you will also obtain academic and personal skills. African Studies is an excellent preparation for your further academic or professional career.
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    Antropologie, Cultuur, Geschiedenis, Internationale betrekkingen, Literatuur, Media, Politiek, Sociologie, Taalkunde, Taalverwerving