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  • English Language and Culture

    English is spoken, read and written all over the world, from the UK to the US and from South Africa to Australia. Would you like to know more about this world language and the cultures it represents, while learning to speak, write and read English at an advanced level? Leiden University’s English Language and Culture programme is unique in covering English in all its aspects from the Middle Ages to the present day.

    Why English language and culture?
    As an English bachelor’s student in Leiden, you will acquire an excellent command of spoken and written English, while also learning to understand the language structure and the mechanics behind language acquisition. Moreover, you will have the chance to study the culture of Great Britain and other English-speaking countries in-depth, while analysing the relation between language changes and societal changes over the ages. Our programme offers plenty of opportunities to read and study the rich literatures of the English-speaking world, from Shakespeare to Derek Walcott, and from Beowulf to Zadie Smith. You will also get a taste of the Middle Ages while exploring texts in their original Old and Middle English.
    During this bachelor’s programme you will acquire not only in-depth knowledge of the English language and culture, but you will also obtain academic and personal skills. This will give you an excellent preparation for your further academic or professional career.
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