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  • South and Southeast Asian Studies

    South and Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse areas. Interested in speaking one of its major languages, and understanding its history, culture, and current affairs? Then this is the programme for you!

    Why study South and Southeast Asian Studies
    In the South and Southeast Asian Studies programme you gain a thorough understanding of the history, cultures, and politics of a region which is home to almost a third of the world’s population (including two-thirds of its Muslims) and to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Relevant contemporary issues such as ethnic and religious conflicts, inequality and development, the surge in cultural and political movements and the tensions between modernity and tradition are addressed in lectures and seminars.
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    Inhoud van de opleiding:

    Cultuur, Geschiedenis, Internationale betrekkingen, Literatuur, Politiek, Religie, Sociologie, Taalbeheersing, Taalkunde